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Land Planning, Building Design & Budgeting, and Construction Planning for Commercial Renovations and New Construction.
Site Planning, Home Design and Budgeting, Prescriptive Path Energy Code Design, and Construction Planning for New Homes and Renovations.
Simple and Complex 3D Models with Photorealistic Rendering, and enhanced 2D drawings to aid in Design Comprehension and Marketing Pre-Sales.
Software Development for MicroStation Computer-Aided Design & Drafting, Integration of CAD/GIS Data for Utility Networks and Land Surveying.

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It's amazing how a relatively small space can be made to feel large, in this case, with high ceilings, careful layout, and lots of natural light. This type of renovation demonstrates the fundamentals of the 'tiny home' concept, and it's definitely workable. ...

Inside London's 'slim house' that's narrower than an Underground train carriage and could sell for £1m.

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The 'ASK THE EXPERT' column for February 2018!

What is 'Ageing in Place' and what does it mean to me?

The term is used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able, as they age. This can become a concern, usually around middle-age, when personal mobility (eg. the ability to handle stairs) can become challenging.

This can be a depressing topic because many people believe that they have no choice but to leave their home of many years, along with friends and memories, and live somewhere else. In fact, it's not certain that you have to leave your home if there are existing mobility issues, there are many things that can be done to a home to make it liveable for longer.

Before you pick up and move, take the time to get it looked at by someone who knows what can be done, and what can't. See "www.seniors-housing.alberta.ca/seniors/aging-in-place.html" for more information.

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Our Team

Meet our team members

Shawn Rose

Shawn Rose

Shawn, the president of CGSI since its founding in 1994, prefers to think of himself as a ‘Renaissance Man’ in that he has a widely varying set of interests that he has undertaken in his professional career. After high school and prior to attaining his secondary schooling, he participated in the family business, that of building PWF foundations and modular homes. His formal education consists of two honours diplomas from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Architectural Technology and Building Development Technology, but he has continued his education non-stop since then, although not always within the field of architecture and building science. His talent lies in bringing together the quirks of these distinct interests into creative integrated solutions.

While in his first job out of SAIT, working for Maurice Sunderland Architecture as an architectural technologist, he took over responsibility for writing software programs to enhance the productivity of the drafting department. Leveraging on that experience, he progressed to teaching CAD and CAD programming to the Business & Industry students at SAIT in the early 1990’s. Those connections led to further consulting and software development for surveying and utility companies, and continues today with ongoing development for the City of Calgary’s utility mapping departments. He is a joint-venture partner in the dTechs epm system, which is poised to deliver electrical monitoring systems worldwide.

He has recently joined into a collaboration within the Lumenos Advisors group, further leveraging his unique breadth of talents and skills within that group.

Professional Summary

  • 26 years experience in the architectural & engineering drafting disciplines.
  • 32 years experience as a software developer for CAD engineering & architectural disciplines.
  • 23 years experience as an adult trainer.
  • 22 years experience as an IT project manager, both in the areas of large-scale software development and in engineering data conversion.
  • 5 years as a business and life coach, specializing in sales & marketing, strategic planning and prioritization.
  • A production-level of ‘hands-on’ practical experience as a user heavily influences his approach to the development of CAD software solutions, with an emphasis on the user experience and overall effectiveness.


  • Residential & Commercial architectural design & drafting
  • 3D CADD modeling and visualization
  • Software development for MicroStation, specializing in AEC, surveying, mapping & GIS applications.

Additional Interests:

Shawn is an avid outdoorsman, loving to backpack and go fly-fishing in the mountains to the southwest of Calgary, Alberta. He has hiked the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island three times since 2011, and he has been a Scouts Canada volunteer since 1993. His four adult boys all participated in the program with him and have accompanied him on his WCT adventures, and many others, including a 118km canoe trip down the Red Deer River.

Cam Campbell

Cam Campbell

With a love for the great outdoors and architecture, and as the founder of Campbell Design, Cameron has made a conscience choice to align his passion for architecture and respect for the earth. He and Shawn have collaborated many times over the past 25+ years, and his skills provide an excellent complement.

Cameron has studied many aspects of design from traditional historical architecture, contemporary architecture, and environmental design. He enjoys working with his clients, offering his 30+ years of experience in residential design, helping to bring the first inspirations of their project to paper.

Cameron founded a network of like-minded business men in Calgary, Alberta whose goal is to influence architecture in an eco-friendly manner.

Todd Funk

Todd Funk

Todd began his career at Desmarais Cabinets, honing his skill as a cabinet installer from 1993-1996. He set out on his own with Aztec Cabinet Design in 1997, and specialized in kitchen renovations. As his experience grew, he began to get into full-home home renovations and decorative concrete work, leading to the formation of TQC Developments Inc. in 2007. Since 2015, he has been responsible for two significant ‘new’ builds; the Apple Creek Golf Course Clubhouse, an 18,000 sq.ft. commercial building; and an 11,000 sq.ft. luxury residence with full-size indoor pool in the upscale neighbourhood of Bearspaw, just west of the city of Calgary, Alberta.

He has collaborated closely with CGSI since 2009, bringing his knowledge and expertise in building science, high-quality construction, construction budgeting, and real-world project management to the planning process.

Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose

Dan is Shawn’s third son, and has been working with him as a CAD technician since 2014. While most of his time has been invested in becoming expert with the custom in-house GIS mapping tools for the dTechs epm projects, he has been exposed to an ever-increasing variety of technical work.

These have included residential design & drafting work,  image editing, Android app development, and more.

Other Interests:

Dan is a member of the Dewdney Players, a local acting troupe, and has performed in numerous live plays over the past several years. He was a youth member of Scouts Canada and has participated in many adventures with his father, including twice backpacking the West Coast Trail in British Columbia, and a 118km canoe trip down the Red Deer River.

Allan Rose

Allan Rose

Allan brings 30 years of software design and development experience to CGSI. He operates as BadgerHat, and has been collaborating with Shawn and CGSI on CAD/GIS integration solutions since the mid 1990’s. He has provided software design and development services to companies ranging from small to large multinationals such as Accenture and Compuware across Canada and the U.S.A.. Allan holds a diploma for Industrial Electronics Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Allan is also a joint-venture partner in the dTechs epm system, responsible for integrating remote sensor communications with database servers, and integration of that data with the GIS data provided by CGSI.

Client’s Testimonial

Shawn did a great job for us <energy code design> and was a pleasure to work with.
J and M Homes highly recommends him!

J and M Homes – High River, AB

Shawn produced excellent drawings in a very timely fashion. The drawings were clear and well done, leading to an amazing home! Shawn is very easy to work with, can interpret needs with practicality and current construction practices. He can take dreams and set them to paper in such a manner that the construction trades know exactly what you want.

Scott McDermott – Jarvis Bay, AB

…I was very impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail and the speed at which he was able to finish my drawings. I would highly recommend his services.

Dr. Paul Hicke – Okotoks, AB

Shawn and his guys created a set of very high quality drawings which even had the city permit people complimenting. He did this sooner than promised and within the promised budget quote as well… Shawn made suggestions for the design I wouldn’t have thought of, and in fact we ended up using his plan for our back facade. When we required changes to the drawings during the permitting process, these changes were made very promptly and thoroughly which, when you are in the waiting game was much appreciated… I don’t even want to try to imagine where we’d be right now if I’d persisted in doing my own construction drawings. There is a huge value in doing things right and the foundation of any project is the drawings.

L. Northwood, P.Eng. – Calgary, AB

We had the pleasure to use Shawn at CGSI to prepare detailed drawings for a residential project in Costa Rica. The project was unique in that the construction was unconventional compared to Canada, and there were numerous detailed concrete moldings that had to be included. In addition, all of the annotations to the drawings had to be written in Spanish.

We were impressed by how Shawn embraced the challenge of such a unique project and followed it through to completion. We highly recommend that others consider using CGSI and we would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

Sugar Cane Valley, S.A. – Black Diamond, AB

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